Life of an international student in Canada

Simarpreet Singh arrived in Canada in 2018, excited to begin a new phase of his life as an international student in Canada.

Singh was 18 years old when he came to Canada for his higher studies. He is doing a business administration course in Calgary.

Simarpreet Singh is an international student in Canada. (Photo by Simrandeep Kaur / SAIT)

Singh always dreamed of becoming a chief financial officer in Canada.

Singh was born in India, and he belongs to a middle-class family.

Singh decided to study in Calgary for his bright future, but the decision to study abroad was not easy for him because he was not having enough money to pay his college fees.

Hometown of Simarpreet Singh in Punjab. (photo by Faisal Mehmood / Unsplash)

Singh’s father is a farmer in Punjab and his mother is a housewife.

It was really hard for Singh to fulfill his dream to come abroad due to financial problems in his family.

“His father worked day and night to pay his first-year college fees,” remembers Sukhpreet Kaur, Singh’s mother.

“It is difficult for him to manage his expenses while studying in Canada,” affirms Kaur.

Singh faces so many struggles in Calgary. In the beginning, he believed that it is difficult for him to survive in Canada as an international student.

“It was hard for him to adapt to a new culture and environment,” explains Mandeep Singh, Singh’s friend.

Singh faces so many challenges as an international student such as language barrier, culture shock, and homesickness.

Cultural difference was one of the main problems for Singh.

Singh believes that it is not easy for an international student to leave their family and start a new life in another country.

Difficulties faced by international students in Canada. (Photo by Kien Tran / Unsplash)

Singh realized that it is important for him to improve his communication skills to achieve academic success. He decided to join the spoken English classes on weekdays as well as on weekends.

“It was really difficult for Singh to manage his college and the spoken English classes together,” comments Mandeep Singh.

“In the beginning, he got stressed out very easily due to new lifestyle and financial problems,” affirms Mandeep Singh.

“The good thing was that later on, he understood his responsibility and tried different techniques to solve his problems,” praises Davinder Singh, Singh’s father.

Singh struggled a lot to find a part-time job in Calgary to pay his second-year college fees.

“Despite his efforts, he did not find a job,” comments Mandeep Singh.

“The best quality of Singh is that he did not lose his hope and always try his best to solve a problem,” admires Kaur.

After facing so many challenges, he got a part-time job in a gift shop.

“It took him four months to get a job in Canada,” comments Mandeep Singh.

“Singh was really happy when he got a job,” admires Kaur.

“He always faces every situation with a positive attitude,” praises Kaur.

After getting a job, it became easy for Singh to pay his tuition fees.

“Singh is a punctual and humble person,” applauds Barinder Singh, Singh’s uncle.

The biggest challenge for Singh is to manage his studies while doing a part-time job.

“Singh fully concentrated on his work and never mixed his personal and professional life,” admires Barinder Singh.

“Singh is a hardworking person, and he always does his work with full dedication,” praises Kaur.

“He is an inspiration for all other students because despite facing so many problems, he did not give up,” praises Mandeep Singh.

“He always has a positive attitude, that’s the main reason that he is so good at managing his job and studies together,” admires Davinder Singh.

“Singh’s struggle does not end there,” emphasizes Mandeep Singh.

Singh wakes up at 3 a.m. and completes his assignments. After that, he goes to the Dashmesh Culture Centre every day to seek the blessings of God.

Singh believes that God is everywhere, and everything is possible in life if we have the blessings of God.

After coming back home from the Dashmesh Culture Centre, he gets himself ready for college. He prepares his breakfast, cleans the utensils, kitchen and his room before going to college.

Singh’s college is 50 km from his home, and he switches two trains to reach his college.

Singh’s classes start at 8 a.m., and his last lecture finishes at 2 p.m. At 3 p.m., he goes to the college library and studies there for two hours.

It was difficult for Singh to understand the lectures in his class due to different languages, but after working hard it became easy for him.

“Singh is a disciplined, hard-working and kind person,” admires Sukhraj Singh, Singh’s classmate.

It is difficult for international students to manage their studies and job together. (Photo by Caleb Woods / Unsplash)

“Singh is good in studies, and he always receives full marks in his exams,” admires Kaur.

“Singh always completed his assignments on time and receives good grades in all subjects,” encourages Sukhraj Singh.

“Singh is my best friend, and he is an inspiration for me,” comments Sukhraj Singh.

After studying continuously for two hours in the library, Singh takes a bus from his college and goes for his part-time job.

“Singh’s work from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day,” praises Mandeep Singh.

“After working so long, he never looks tired and never shows his frustration to his friends,” explains Mandeep Singh.

“Singh also spends time with us because he believes that it is important for every person to spend time with their family and friends to create good memories,” admires Mandeep Singh.

Singh went to the grocery store every Wednesday to buy vegetables, milk, and other food items.

Singh came home at 11 p.m., and despite being tired, he prepared the dinner for himself and his friend.

“I am proud of my son,” admires Kaur, Singh’s mother.

Singh has two aims in life: First, he wants to become a chief financial officer in Canada. Second, he wants to give a better life to his parents to make them feel proud.

Singh believes that parents are like a god in the life of every child because they always support their children.

Singh believes that parents play an important role in the life of every person, and he also thinks that every child must give a good life to their parents.

“Singh sets an example for all youngsters, who believe that it is really hard to manage study and job together,” explains Davinder Singh, Singh’s father.

Simarpreet Singh puts it in this way:

Singh believes that life is difficult in Canada as an international student, but if you want to achieve success in life, it is important for you to work hard.

“Everything is possible in life if we have a strong determination,” said Simarpreet Singh.

Life of an international student in Canada. (Photo by James Wheeler / Pixabay)

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