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I’d like to take a moment to thank all of the readers of this month’s edition. My name is Devin Gaynor, and I am the Publications Coordinator of Jam Session. I know that during this global pandemic people may lose sight of what’s important and how they should be spending their days, however with nothing to do all the time, it’s important to take care of yourselves. Here at Jam Session, we believe that music is the gift that keeps on giving. Without it, we’d be nowhere right now. I strongly encourage everyone who’s ever been interested in picking up an instrument as a hobby or otherwise to finally summon up the courage to do so, as it is a very rewarding activity that you can continue to cherish for the rest of your lives. I have been a guitar player for the last 5 years, and an avid music enthusiast for over 10, so take it from me. Most importantly, everyone needs to adventure out into the realm of new music. Pick up a funky instrument. Try your ears at listening to a genre you’ve previously had zero interest in. Turn off the lights and dance in the dark. Whatever you need or want to do, don’t hesitate to do so. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, and I do hope you continue to support Jam Session Magazine! 

-Publications Coordinator Devin Gaynor

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10 Music Facts

  • There are some people who feel absolutely NOTHING when listening to music. 
  • Finland has the most Metal bands per capita- an astonishing 53.5 bands per 100,000 people!
  • In 2015, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield released his first album, which was recorded in its entirety while he was in orbit- Space Sessions: Songs for a Tin Can.Talk about music that’s out of this world!
  • NONE of The Beatles knew how to read or write music. They had no real knowledge of theory, and Paul McCartney claims that the songs, “Just came to them.”
  • The Happy Birthday song is the most profitable song of all time, netting about $2 million per year- or $5,000 per day. 
  • A song that gets stuck in your head is called an “Earworm.” 
  • The musical alphabet is depicted through the letter A to the letter G.
  • It takes the average person 10 years of practice to play along with any song smoothly.
  • Globally, the music industry generates $40 million per year.
  •  YouTube is the world’s largest on-demand music service. 

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Top Ten Songs for Those Isolation Blues

  • For No One- The Beatles: This song is a true classic, and for a good reason. While the song’s lyrics are directed at a woman who broke a man’s heart and left him grasping for her heels, the mood the song sets is absolutely perfect for times such as these.
  • Obstacle 1-Interpol: Where do we even start with this song. Completely underrated, and an expertly composed piece. This song will have you digging deep into the lyrics and longing to understand them, all the while subconsciously bobbing along to the odd time signature. 
  • ilomilo-Billie Eilish: This song continues to give me the chills even after months of listening. The lyrics mingle perfectly with the intense bassline and echoing vocals to create a sense of loss. This makes sense, as the song was written about the fear of losing someone dear to you. 
  • Burning Man- Third Eye Blind: This song is absolutely incredible from start to finish; plain and simple. From the guitar riff, to the explosive and surprising vocals, this song is a grand tour through the feelings of living on fire. Pay attention to the mood this song sets. Though it’s in a major key (typically happy), it somehow generates a feeling of powerful longing and introspection. 
  • Otherside- Red Hot Chili Peppers: Another absolute classic, this song may even make you cry. Combining the band’s usual energetic style with a minor key and powerfully emotional lyrics, this tune will unexpectedly hit you in the feels.
  • The Background- Third Eye Blind: Yes, another song from Third Eye Blind. Normally we don’t include multiple mentions for the same band, but we just cannot leave this one out. Combining some of the most powerful lyrics I’ve ever heard (in my 10+ years as an avid listener and songwriter) and a beautifully composed instrumental track, this song generates a very powerful sense of nostalgia; something we’re all feeling during this time.
  • Doesn’t Remind Me- Audioslave: Rest in Peace, Chris Cornell. This song revolves around the topic of everything you have and remember, and how you don’t want to learn what you need to forget. 
  • Landslide- Fleetwood Mac: This song has been around for 45 years at this point, and has been covered by many bands and artists. There’s no surprise at all with how this song made the list. The feelings it creates in the listener are still incredibly powerful after nearly half a century since it’s creation. 
  • Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead: This tune has it all. A completely nostalgic feel? Check. Beautiful open-ended lyrics? Check. A catchy and creative melody? Check times infinity. This is a must-listen for the open-minded consumer. 
  •  Wouldn’t It Be Nice- The Beach Boys: This song has been a staple since our parent’s generation, and it still hasn’t fallen off of its pedestal. While the song is technically about Brian Wilson pondering what it would be like finding a woman he can marry, the underlying theme of the song is the wondering of what it would be like if something else had happened in life. 

So, there you have it! Ten songs that you can enjoy to help with those isolation blues during (and even after) this crisis.   

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