The Last Word

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of the readers of this month’s edition. My name is Devin Gaynor, and I am the Publications Coordinator of Jam Session. I know that during this global pandemic people may lose sight of what’s important and how they should be spending their days, however with nothing to do all the time, it’s important to take care of yourselves. Here at Jam Session, we believe that music is the gift that keeps on giving. Without it, we’d be nowhere right now. I strongly encourage everyone who’s ever been interested in picking up an instrument as a hobby or otherwise to finally summon up the courage to do so, as it is a very rewarding activity that you can continue to cherish for the rest of your lives. I have been a guitar player for the last 5 years, and an avid music enthusiast for over 10, so take it from me. Most importantly, everyone needs to adventure out into the realm of new music. Pick up a funky instrument. Try your ears at listening to a genre you’ve previously had zero interest in. Turn off the lights and dance in the dark. Whatever you need or want to do, don’t hesitate to do so. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, and I do hope you continue to support Jam Session Magazine! 

-Publications Coordinator Devin Gaynor

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