The beauty in Learning a Musical Instrument

Learning a musical instrument may seem like a daunting and confusing concept, but there are many benefits that make the effort worthwhile.

Cultures and areas around the world are filled to the brim with hundreds of varying instruments of every kind. Musical instruments are part of almost every culture, and are universally recognizable.

Learning to play one, or maybe even multiple, musical instruments is a never-ending journey of focus, practice, and determination.

The rewards that come with doing so, however, are abundant and irreplaceable. 

The process of learning an instrument for those who are dedicated brings out a plethora of positive emotions.

“The minute I picked up a guitar for the first time, I was beyond ecstatic,” said Jordan Sawatzky, a singer/songwriter from Calgary. 

Sawatzky said that his guitar is a huge source of happiness and serves as an emotional outlet that he can use anytime he has the chance.

“While it takes a while to get past the beginning stages, the process is enjoyable the entire time,” he said.

Sawatzky has now been playing the guitar for nearly four years, and said he will never cease playing. 

“It’s just become such a huge part of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” he said.

Having an outlet in playing an instrument is like giving yourself a therapy session. 

It also means that any time someone is at home, or near their instrument, they have the ability to take a temporary, personal retreat. 

Sawatzky said that writing songs allows him to channel his feelings into something that can be played back, and this means that the feelings can be experienced again. 

Landon Gilbert, who plays piano just for fun, said that he took up piano because he was lacking an engaging hobby.

“It was difficult at first, but I quickly grew to love sitting down in front of my keyboard,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert said that he uses playing the piano as a way to decompress, and to refocus himself in his daily life. 

“There’s just nothing like watching your fingers pump out a tune that all you had to do was picture in your head,” he said.

While Gilbert doesn’t write his own music, he still derives enjoyment from playing along with his favorite songs. 

“I’m glad I started playing piano,” he said. “It makes my life just that much better.”

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Featured Photo: Jordan Sawatzky as he plays guitar out in the snow. Photo by Devin Gaynor