Producer Interview

23-year-old modern music producer Bryce Plante – Gremlyn Music– shared his interesting story revolving around his experience in becoming a music producer in the modern music scene.

Plante currently lives in Chaparral in South East Calgary, and the interview took place on Saturday, February 9 around midday. 

Plante grew up in a musical family, saying his parents ran a music store throughout his childhood. 

He would assist his father at the store, and take piano lessons, until he eventually became tired of how rigid the entire experience was.

“That’s when I got more creative,” he said.

He also volunteered at a church and worked with youth for most of his life.

When asked how he got into music production, Plante said that it was his musical roots and inspirations that drove him.

“Deadmau5 and Daft Punk are my biggest inspirations,” he said.

Plante said that there is no set list to writing and composing music, and that beginning with an emotion, and a story is the first step.

“Once I start with that and I have a solid rhythm I can get down with, I go full 100,” Plante said.

He furthered this by saying anything can be altered, and that there’s rarely a project that finishes the same way it started. 

While Plante does do vocals and write lyrics, he said he prefers to focus primarily on the music as a whole, and to properly convey his message in a personal way. 

His most recent project is an album called Isaac, which is based off of a story in the old testament, with the songs chronologically ordered to tell his story. 

“It’s just my story of lamenting and full-on anger and frustration at God,” he said.

The album’s inspiration was derived from his failing heart, and the unfairness and emotions he experienced during the time he learned the news, to the surgeries, and beyond.

The way Plante started writing was through personal aspiration. 

The single Isaac on the album was written for Plante’s mother, as she’s had to bear the burden of worry following the news about his heart during the time of his surgeries.

He said the best music comes straight from the heart, with the emotions an artist has had to experience in their life.

“Music is an outlet, it gets the story out there, and my story is woven through my album,” he said. 

While Plante said he has no problem collaborating with other artists, he prefers to lead his own projects and to convey his personal stories in his music. 

“I feel so strongly when performing,” Plante said. “I feel so close to my music that I’ve even cried on stage.”

Plante said that the first of his music was released via Soundcloud, which is an online platform for sharing music across the world. 

“I never forget that music is my passion, and when I’m feeling it, I even create projects for charities,” Plante said. 

Following this, he said that nothing you create will ever be good or bad, and that the process is all about learning and practice.

“If you were to put someone random in the cockpit of a plane and said go fly, they’d crash,” he said.

There’s so much that goes into production, and every aspect of becoming an artist is important.

Making comparisons between your projects and the music you like is obsolete because those songs are not yours. 

“Don’t compare yourself – comparison is the thief of joy,” he said.

Featured Photo: Bryce Plante as he demonstrates his gear and at-home studio. Photo by Devin Gaynor

Story by: Devin Gaynor Follow Jam Sessions on Twitter: @JamSessMagazine