Coping with Isolation: A Visual Stroll Through Adriana Fons’ Time in Covid-19 Lockdown

As a hyper-contagious virus spreads across our planet, Adriana Fons surrenders to the walls and roof of her home in Calgary, Alberta in an attempt to avoid Covid-19 through isolation. Covid-19 has reached nearly everywhere in the world, and the only way to remain safe is to stay indoors. Being a Mount Royal University student, Adriana must deal with online classes, as well as take care of three mice. With crucial resources such as hand sanitizer, toilet paper and food seemingly disappearing off of shelves overnight, she must make do with everything she has. Due to the lack of entertainment and regular doses of social interaction, Adriana must rely on keeping herself busy with hobbies and tasks that she previously may have had no interest in. Unsure if she is on the track to going insane with boredom, join Adriana as she copes with the uninteresting prospects of isolation.

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Featured Photo: Adriana Fons as she plays the Nintendo Switch in the dark. Photo by Devin Gaynor

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